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Via dello scalo 21/3 Bologna

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Via De' Carracci 69/6,
40129 Bologna
Tel. +39 333 68 46 684

“Drugs and Youth” Youth Exchange Agoulême

“Drugs and Youth” Youth Exchange

France, Angouleme

12th – 18th October 2015



Participants’ age and profile: 5 participants (17-23 years) and 1 Group Leader (no age limits)


Type of project: Youth Exchange funded by the European programme Erasmus+

Dates: 12.10.15-18.10.2015

Place: Angoulême, France

Hosting organisation: Zatingo, coordinated by Mrs. Zalissa (film-maker)

Involved countries: France, Turkey, Romania and Italy.



In a report of the European Union, youngsters aged 17 or older are consuming the most drugs. Actually four out of six teenagers admit to having already taken drugs by the age of 17. These numbers are more than worrying. Just as difficult as this could be leading to face its problems, are the consequences of the consumption of drugs which is always worse than the problem which they try to solve in the first place.

The solution is to inform oneself and to never start taking drugs.

We are working in the framework of this project on raising awareness of the misdeed of the drugs for oneself, for one’s immediate environment, his/her relations with his/her peers and for the development of his/her country.

Most teenagers start taking drugs to find dependence, under the influence of a friend, a bad interpretation of a film which puts the drugs on a line, the influence of the fashion and a moral weakness, etc.

The objective of this project is to sensitize and to alarm society about the dangers of the consumption of drugs by the youth in general and the ones coming from poor neighbourhoods in particular. In this project the youngsters are going to talk about the drugs with their peers which the aim of sensitization and education.

The association Zatingo is managed by the film-maker Mrs Zalissa Z and she is using her competences in the service for the youth and that she is accompanying in making a documentary film about the drugs with a personal touch from every youngster.


The objectives of the YE are:

 the creation of a film called “Let’s talk about the drugs between adolescents…”

 inform the youngsters about the dangers of the drugs

 a campaign of sensitization in collaboration with their high school, college or university to provide them the necessary tools

 to create one or several personalized documentary films about drugs by adolescents for adolescents

 to make some interviews with youngsters who were in contact with drugs (example: My name is Ouz and here is my story with the drugs “during all the time where I have been taking drugs, I was thinking that I can cope with my life and that everything is going well. But I destroyed everything I built up and that’s why I got in my life. I cut the relations to all of my friends who didn’t take drugs and I broke with my family therefore I had no friend apart from the other drug addicts. Every day turned around one sole thing: how to find the money to buy the drugs. I would have made anything to be able to take drugs. It was the only thing which counted in my life.”)


Language of the YE:

French, with English oral translation (a minimum knowledge of French is highly recommended!!)


Financial conditions:

–           Food, accommodation and activities are 100% covered by the project

–           Travel costs are 100% covered by the project up to a maximum of  € 275

–           “Quota associativa YouNet”: €50. These membership fees should be paid only by confirmed participants and give them the status of YouNet’s member and access to all our benefits.


As a result of the participation in this project, will be issued a European certification (“Youthpass”) certifying the skills gained and valid for the European CV.


In order to take part in the selection process, please fill out this form or copy paste into your browser the link below by 15th of September:

Only the selected participants will be contacted on 07.10.2015.

For more information, contact: