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(English) Training Course in Germany

Creative Entrepreneurship

Dresden, Germany

First week of April 2014


Participants: YouNet is looking for 4 participants for a Training course in Dresden, Germany for a project Creative Entrepreneurship organized by our partner Jugend-& Kulturprojekt e.V. in the first week of April 2014.

Age:  18+Creative

Title: Creative Entrepreneurship

Type of projects: Training course

Date: first week of April

Place: Dresden, Germany

Involved countries: Bulgaria, England, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland


„Creative Entrepreneurship“is a training course, which aims to provide information and knowledge to participants with regard to creativity, entrepreneurship and cultural creative industries. The main goal of this training course is to assist and connect creative economy professionals. A platform of cultural experiences and ideas is planned to be created in order to improve participants’ individual capabilities, develop their network and encourage them to cooperate at international level.

Participants will be provided development strategies that are integrated and built on partnerships between public authorities, cultural organisations, the relevant business interests and representatives of civil society. Creative economy professionals and artists have a key role because they develop ideas, metaphors and messages which help to drive social networking and experiences. Culture-based creativity is a fundamental means for industry and policy decision makers to adopt and implement more user centred strategies. It helps to promote well-being, to create lifestyle, to enrich the act of consumption, to stimulate confidence in communities and social cohesion.

In this training course, participants will see through examples and case studies that culture can offer new approaches both in terms of tackling social problems. These policy areas in which culture has successfully helped in this respect include urban regeneration, social cohesion, crime prevention, health and the fight against pollution. By protecting and promoting cultural heritage and creating infrastructure and services, local attractiveness gets enhanced and tourism gets boosted.

Find more information about the training in the brochure.


This project is funded by the EU-Programme YOUTH IN ACTION and the following costs are covered by the organizer:

– 70% travel costs

– 100% board (3 meals/day)

– 100% accommodation

You have to pay a participation fee of 50 € to You-Net, Bologna.


As a result of participation, each participant will receive a European certification (“Youthpass”) certifying the skills obtained, valid for the European CV.

For participating on this training course you have to fill this online form till 12th of March. If you are selected you will be contacted by the 16th of March.

For more information please contact us on