Magda – Coordinare uno scambio fra i trulli pugliesi (Eng)

Do you know what is “Trullo”?

I didn’t know it before going to help coordinating a youth exchange this summer in Puglia, but now I TRULY know it! I learned there that trullo is a cone-shaped white building, in which people form Puglia used to live, I also learned that Romanian girls laugh incredibly loud and are very beautiful, Croatians eat stuffed paprika for dinner, Latvians love to swim in the sea regardless the weather or wind, Italians cook best food in the world and Spaniards can make sangria any time in huge amounts.

Scambio giovanile Truly Trullo – Younet

This 10 days in Puglia were full of fun, surprises, travels, fun, food, fun… Well, not only fun – we also met some immigrants and listened to their stories, sometimes terrifying, we learned what are refugees camps and how the life there looks like, we organized a no-racist cup and let immigrants play sport together with citizens of Cisternino.

If you are thinking about participating in a youth exchange or not, stop thinking and fill in the application now, there is no better way to travel to another country and learn about many topics in informal way, meet foreigners, see new places, eat delicious specialities from all over the world. And all of it, thanks to European Union funds, for unbelievably cheap price. :-)

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