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Sede operativa

Via dello scalo 21/3 Bologna

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Via De' Carracci 69/6,
40129 Bologna
Tel. +39 333 68 46 684

Progetto sulle tradizioni

“Re/Discover Channels” is a “Grundtvig” project about ecological lifestyle:

The meeting will take place in Romania between 15th – 20th of March 2013. The participants will have the possibility to speak about the traditions of their communities, to share their knowledge about the rhythm of rural life and the way people lived in harmony with the nature. The Gorj region is one of the most known for its specific traditions, costumes, crafts and dances. Therefore, the participants will have a full insight about the traditions, housing and crafts in this area.

– To introduce, teach and learn how to get back to slow life style: slow and healthy food, low consumption, sharing the goods and the work in general, learning how to live with fewer items but have the same comfort.
– To learn about different crafts in Gorj region. The method used will be “learning – by – doing”.
– To organize intercultural discussions about sustainable life style and environment
– Bringing different target groups together: practicing intercultural dialogue, fostering openness and tolerance
– To improve foreign language (English) skills during the intercultural discussion between learners
– Encourage older people to continue working, to stay healthy longer and to continue to contribute to society in other ways, and share their knowledge with all participants.
– Promotion of European cooperation between organizations with different field of action

Download here the daily Schedule

The objectives of the event will be met by the activities envisaged. All the sessions of the partner meeting in Romania will have the starting point in non-formal education. Therefore, the participants will have the possibility to learn by doing and experience the life outside the city. The “house” where everyone is going to stay will be the starting point of learning. It is a sustainable business in cooperation with the environment. All the activities that we envisage for this event will empower people to discover and rediscover the rural world. Some of the most representative traditions coming from the villages of Romania will be presented to the participants and they will have the possibility to test them.

Project costs:
The project is financed by the LLP Grundtvig program. Meals, accommodation and travel will be reimbursed 100%.
The accomodation will be here
For more information write to:

How to apply?
Write to and send your motivation letter and you CV before 9th of January 2013 (please, write a very motivated letter, you have to convince us to select you!!). We can select 3 or 4 participants. No age limit!