Sonia, “la mia esperienza di scambio in radio”

Sonia experience in “Youth in Radio”

 “Are you having fun?”

That was Hovo favorite question…and it worked. When he arrived to you, asking you this very question, even 10 times a day, you always answered him something. But he is a journalist; making you talk, it’s what he is doing!

Youth in radio, scambio giovanile YouNet

Youth in radio, scambio giovanile YouNet

Most of them were journalists in this project. But some were experts in communication, in marketing, in cuisine or in washing the dishes! Everyone came to Cisternino, bringing its own skills, prejudices, expectations and came back home in Italy, Spain, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey with new competences, new ideas and new friends.

Thanks to “Youth in Action”programme and Younet association, we shared our point of views, our cultures and our wishes for 10 days and learned that we are not so different from each other…just women, men and queers, living under globalization system and doing our best with our youth to create a better world, just as it should be in a utopian exchange.


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