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Via dello scalo 21/3 Bologna

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Via De' Carracci 69/6,
40129 Bologna
Tel. +39 333 68 46 684

SVE in Ungheria: Discover yourself

YouNet cerca volontari/e per un progetto SVE in Ungheria. Che cos’è lo SVE?

Titolo progetto: “Discover Yourself”

Location: Kaposvár, Hungary
Duration: 12 months, Service period: 1st of July, 2013- 30th of June, 2014.

Kaposvar, Ungheria

Kaposvar, Ungheria

The target group of the project is the youth who live in Kaposvár and the surrounding area. The local young people do not have much chance to travel, they are not motivated to learn languages and they do not have international experiences. Because of this we take the international environment to our city, to the Compass Office! Our EVS volunteers are our tools! We offer the chance for the youth to come to our office and experience an international environment, to improve the language communication, social, cultural, and social skills, organizing free time activities, summer camps, send them abroad for EVS, Youth Exchanges or trainings. We are offering them this possibilities, to extend their chances!

 Tasks of the volunteer: Attendance to Compass Ability Quest later making self sufficient Ability Quests. The most important tasks of the volunteer: Language clubs. The volunteer have to lead language clubs for youth the age between 6-30 but in some case for elders also. The aim of these clubs is to teach language for the local youngsters, using the methods of the non-formal education. The volunteer has to use/teach her/his own language and English. The volunteer has to teach the participants to communicate in foreign language. They have to prepare for every lessons, choose and discuss about different name, like sport, culture, movies, history, or anything which is interesting for the participants.

Condizioni economiche:

– i partecipanti riceveranno al mese 95€ come pocket money e una somma per il vitto.

– i partecipanti sono tenuti a coprire il 10% del costo di viaggio A/R

Per candidarsi invia CV e Motivation Letter (in inglese) il prima possibile a mettendo in oggetto “Progetto Kaposvar“.

Seguono informazioni dettagliate sul progetto:

Background work: The volunteer has to prepare every week for the following weeks for the language clubs. They have to find theme, photos, movies, games which they can use in the clubs for teaching and practising languages. He has to prepare some written accessories for the Compass Ability Quest, partly documenting the effects of the program. The tools of the program: team building, sport and role playing games and self development training. During the small group programs the youngsters discover the new knowledge together and share experiences. Through the volunteer they discover a whole new culture.

Language lessons in local secondary schools: The volunteer usually goes to local secondary schools, to take part in language lessons. This is useful for the local community because they have a chance to hear and learn from a native speaker who lives in the country of the language what they learn. By this they can improve their communication skills in several kind of themes which is connecting to the country where the volunteer came from. Take part in popularization of the Youth In Action programme.  We regularly go to local schools, make presentations, take part in youth events in the city and in the region, make conferences in city hall, county hall, or in different kind of events. In these events one of our task is to popularize the Youth In Action program, the EVS and our own projects. The volunteer has to take an active part in these events, use their own ideas, presentations, ideas. They have to build up presentations, make talk in conferences, introductions in the mentioned events.

Servizio volontario europeo

Servizio volontario europeo

Summer camp: The volunteer has to lead groups in summer camps. These camps are for Hungarians and also for foreign. For Hungarian groups we make these camps as intensive language course, so the volunteer have to figure out tasks, activities, games, programs, articles, for the youngsters for the participants to make them practise the English language in through activities and to learn it in the real life.
Useful free time activity:  The volunteer should to provide, or offer possibility for take part in useful free time activity for the local youth depending on the abilities or possibilities of the volunteer. For example involve the youth to sport activities, or art programs or any kind what the volunteer is interested in.
Active part of office life:  The volunteer has to take active part of the everyday life in the office. Helping in organizing youth programs, dealing with EVS database, give information for local youth about Youth In Action program. Answering emails and going to unemployment office to hold presentations, info days about opportunities abroad.
Accommodation, workplace: We expect the volunteer to:
· totally respect of the accommodation provided by the placement and the rules of common life.
· Provide sending and hosting organization with written reports in every month as required.
· Take care conscientiously of the materials and objects that are being provided by the hosting organization (camera, phone furnitures etc) for him/her in order to fullfill the goals and objectives of the project much easier, if not required to pay the equivalent amount of money for each one in part.
· In the accommodation the volunteer has to take care about the cleaning, washing up the dishes, take care of the appointments
· The volunteer has to keep clean the part of the office where he works. After the language clubs he or them has to take away the mess, if there is any, put back the materials (games, cards, papers, pens, etc) what they used in to their place.
· Take seriously her/his commitment to the whole period
· Support the aims and methods of the placement and to carry out conscientiously and to the best of her/his knowledge the tasks related to her service
· Support the aims and methods of the placement and to carry out conscientiously and to the best of her/his knowledge the tasks related to her service
· The volunteer agrees to complete a voluntary service within above named placement.
Work time: Maximum 35 hours weekly.
Daily agenda: 10:00 to 18:00
Free days: two days per every week. (Saturday, Sunday) The work hours are flexible depending on the volunteer’s and the instructor’s needs. If the volunteer has to work on the weekend, then the volunteer gets the free day in another time. One month the volunteer has two free days! it means that during 12 month the volunteer has 24 days for holiday.