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SVE su partecipazione e cittadinanza europea in Ucraina



Duration of Service: 8 Months

Period of EVS Service: January 4th, 2013 – September 4th, 2013

Number of Volunteers: 12

Profile of the Volunteer

SVE in Ucraina

Age: 18 – 30 years

Selection criteria: gender and geographical balance

Language Proficiency: – at least basic level of English (being able to make herself/himself understood by the others – able to communicate), Russian is a plus

Other requests: availability and desire to live in the countryside of Donetsk Region

What is EVS?

Theme: Community Development and European Active Participation and Citizenship

Summary: ACTYVE.UA is a Group EVS project implemented in 4 communities from Donetsk Region – Eastern Ukraine that will gather 8 young volunteers from Programme Countries. The project aims both towards volunteer social and personal development, providing them with opportunities for intercultural learning, new skills and abilities development, multilinguism and European Awareness as well as organizational and community development – encouraging young participation in local communities, promoting European Active Citizenship and encouraging local and international partnership. The project is structured in three main phases: the Preparation phase (two weeks Capacity Building Program), EVS service (development and implementing of volunteers projects) and the Valorisation and Evaluation Phase. The EVS service phase will start for all 8 volunteers at the same time, will last 9 month and shall compile a set of diverse and learning orientated activities and will include development of small projects by volunteers.

Objectives: – Stimulate the intercultural learning process and enhance the European Awareness and Active Participation within the hosting communities from Donetsk Region.  – Provide the context and the opportunities for all volunteers to develop both personally as well as socially by acquiring and improving new skills and competences as well as boost their selfconfidence. – Increase tolerance towards different cultures by learning and accepting the cultural differences. – Contribute to the community development by boosting the participation and active involvement of young people in their local communities. – Encourage the participation of youngsters with fewer opportunities – Widen and strengthen the partnership and co-operation relation in between all project promoters.

Description: In order to build a strong society, it is necessary for youngsters to have access to education and information. Youngsters living in small urban and rural areas often do not have the same opportunities as do youngsters in regional centres. Alliance has set up and the Network within their more than 6 year program “Get involved”, a programme/structures that works to facilitate youngster’s access to information, working to build new cultural, education and ethic dimensions, raising youth initiatives. The programme was launched by Alliance in cooperation with German MitOst NGO in 2008 and consists in developing and razing of youth initiatives trough educational activities and small projects for initiative groups of youngsters. At present there are 18 schools and youth libraries from 21 municipalities from Donetsk Region involved in the Network and Alliance is developing a program that aims at enlarging and strengthening the network furthermore.

Donetsk, Ucraina

Donetsk, Ucraina

Activities: The project aims to involve the volunteers as promoters and multipliers in order to spur European Awareness and active citizenship and establish bridges of communication in between sites in their home country and the areas they are established. All the activities will be developed in 3 dimensions: personal development, development within the host organization and community development. The volunteers will be charged with designing, organizing, and implementing, in conjunction with local counterparts and youngsters from their hosting communities, a variety of activities such as: sports events, environmental activities, group games,  thematic workshops, Youth camps, walks in the cities, visits to different sights and events, Theatre and art creative workshop, Music and dance, Cultural awareness and learning activities, etc., All volunteers will get the opportunity to get involved in other national and/or international programs and activities developed by Alliance during the EVS Service.

Volunteer’s Tasks: The volunteer’s tasks will be diverse and focused both on social and personal development of the volunteers as well as the community development. The role of the volunteers will be that of attending all the meetings, trainings and scheduled activities, dedicate their time according to the recommended hours in assisting in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of various activities: Attend all preparation, evaluation, planning and thematic trainings ( On Arrival), attend all language classes, participate in the class , learn and prepare accordingly, prepare themselves for each meeting with the requested materials (for example: filling on time the monthly evaluation forms), assist the local community facilitator in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the community non formal education activities, Assist in working with the youngsters, propose activities , discussion topics, share opinions, cultural and traditional customs, etc. , Openly communicate with the mentor, the local community facilitator, his/her peer, volunteers and the EVS coordinator, Be responsible and meet one’s tasks accordingly.

Accommodation: During the first month, all volunteers are to be accommodated apartments in Donetsk. The volunteers will share a room (2 persons/ room) with their own bed, bathroom and kitchen. After one month, the volunteers will either live in their apartments in Donetsk or be distributed to the different rural and small urban communities (depends on their workplace), where they will live either with host families or share a living location together. The living location will meet decent living standards (2 persons/ room, kitchen and bathroom, clean and secure location). Alliance in cooperation with each hosting community will make all efforts to find the best accommodation location for the volunteers. All accommodation and utility costs (water, gas, electricity) shall be covered by the hosting organization.

Food: Buying and preparing the food is the sole responsibility of the volunteers. For preparing the food the volunteers will have free access to an equipped kitchen. In the case of volunteers staying in host families a solution will be to serve meals with the family. The hosting organization will provide each volunteer with a monthly food allowance from which they shall cover the alimentation costs. The allowance is enough for insuring a very good living standard (being much higher than the amount and average citizen from the region spends for food). However the allowance will not be enough for ensuring every day eating in a restaurant or bistro.

Transport:  The local transportation costs of the volunteers necessary for the activities implementation will be covered 100% by the organization from the project budget. The international transport of the volunteer from his/her home to the site of the project shall be covered 90% – two ways (Economy flight tickets and/or 2nd class train tickets). The personal transport of the volunteers (local, national or international) will be not in the responsibility of the organization.

Language training: Due to the importance of communication with the people from the hosting communities (most of them can not speak any foreign languages) will be of crucial importance for the volunteers to learn the Russian Language at a good speaking level. The volunteers will have the responsibility to attend all language courses according to the schedule as well as to make every effort in studying and learning the language. The Coordinating Organizations will arrange for Russian Language Courses on weekly basis for as much time as the volunteer will need. The Russian language lessons shall be provided by experienced language teachers. The content and structure of the language courses will be projected together with the volunteers, taking into consideration their learning abilities and needs. The language courses will be provided free of charge for the entire period of the EVS project.

Pocket money.  Each volunteer is entitled to receive a 60 Euro monthly allowance – pocket money, which they can spent as they choose/want.

Come partecipare? Invia il tuo CV e motivation letter in inglese a spiegando la motivazione che ti spinge a prendere parte a questo progetto, in particolare descrivi

–          Perché vuoi partecipare?

–          Quale contributo puoi dare al progetto?

–          Quali sono le tue aspettative?

–          Che cosa intendi sviluppare/imparare?

Le candidature devono essere inviate il prima possbilie.  L’associazione ospitante procederà con la selezione dei candidati più idonei.

Host organisation: Civic Organization Alliance, Universitetska str. 65, suite 21, Donetsk, 83048, UKRAINE, Tel/fax: +38 062 3111570, Mail: web:

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