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Via dello scalo 21/3 Bologna

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Via De' Carracci 69/6,
40129 Bologna
Tel. +39 333 68 46 684

Si parte per la Serbia!!

Cerchiamo una partecipante per un training che si terrà a Sremski Karlovci, in Serbia, dal 10 al 18 Marzo 2012.

Età minima: 18 anni, età massima: nessuna

Di seguito da descrizione del training: Mentors Adventure in EVS Land
This training aims to further develop the competences of EVS mentors from EU, SEE and EEC. It aims at ensuring the quality of future EVS projects implemented in partnerships with organisations from EU, SEE and EEC countries. The training ”Mentors Adventure in EVS Land” is organized by the NGO BalkanIDEA (Novi Sad) and will take place in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia, from the 10 to 18 March 2012.
The main themes of the project are mentoring of EVS volunteers and more specifically the role of mentor in guiding the volunteer through self-directed learning, supporting his/her ICL process and providing him/her emotional support. Apart from the residential training course, for the preparation and follow up of the training the on-line platform will be used in order to facilitate further learning and support of the participants. The on-line platform will be very important in visibility and dissemination of results of the project, as it will be open to all interested organizations and individuals in the follow up stage of the project.
The E-manual will be created during the project. It will be based on the outcomes of the training, focusing on the main themes explored and will give added value in promotion and dissemination of results of the project.
The role of mentor is very important, if not crucial, in supporting the volunteer in his/her learning process, adaptation to the local environment and for personal and emotional support. SALTO-YOUTH recognised the need for training and on-going support for mentors in their every-day work with volunteers. Therefore the overall aim of the project is to ensure the quality of future EVS projects implemented in partnerships with organisations from EU, SEE and EEC countries.
Specific objectives are:
-To build capacities of 24 mentors for leading the EVS volunteers through the process of intercultural learning, giving them emotional support and guiding their self-directed learning.
-To provide space for partnership building between organisations from EU, SEE and EEC that would lead to new EVS projects.
Capacity building of mentors that are supporting the volunteers through the process of learning, emotional growth and interculturality will result in implementation of higher quality EVS projects. Consequently, this will lead to the creation of support systems within the organizations that are open for and capable to deal with EVS challenges.

By increasing intercultural sensitivity of mentors they are becoming capable to guide EVSers through their ICL processes in order to open them for cultural diversities and enable understanding between young people in different countries.
Through possibility to work on particular EVS projects during TC and by creation of an online platform the ground for long lasting partnerships at the European level will be set. EVS experience which is influencing personal growth and development of young people is promoting the volunteering itself, on international but also local level and fostering participation of youth in different fields.
This Training course is for 22 participants from Georgia, Italy, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic, Romania, Serbia, Spain and recommended for Youth workers, Mentors of EVS volunteers. The working language is  English.
All costs of activities, accommodation and food are covered by the Youth in Action programme, as well as 70% of travel costs.

Per partecipare occorre inviare la propria candidatura (CV+lettera di motivazione) in inglese a il prima possibile. Sceglieremo la partecipante appena riceveremo un CV+ lettera consoni al progetto.
Una volta confermato occorrerà versare la quota di partecipazione di 35€. I soli costi a vostro carico riguardano il 30% dei costi di viaggio.
La candidata sarà selezionata in base all’interesse al progetto espresso nella Lettera Motivazionale, conoscenza dell’inglese, esperienza sul programma YiA in particolare sullo SVE, disponibilità a partecipare a tutto il progetto, età compresa superiore ai 18 anni.

E’ un training del circuito SALTHO, sinomino di qualità delle organizzazioni e del progetto 😉