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Tel. +39 333 68 46 684

YE in Romania sulla vita rurale


Participants’ age and profile: 5 participants (16-25 years old) with fewer opportunities + 1 Group leader (no age limit)

Type of project: Youth Exchange funded by the European programme Erasmus+

Dates: 4th – 5th of July 2016 (APV); 16th – 25th of August 2016 (Youth Exchange)

Place: Caras-Severin county, Milcoveni, Romania

Hosting organization: ADI Timis Torontal (

Involved countries: Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic and Croatia


The project “cultRural experience” is a youth exchange which will bring together 48 youngsters from Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic and Croatia, to experience rural life for 8 days, in a small village in Caras-Severin county, Milcoveni. The aim of the project is to reconnect youngsters from urban areas with the rural life, and to create an intercultural environment where the youngsters can explore their own cultural identity, using agriculture and farming as main non-formal tool.

 To increase the knowledge of 48 youngsters from 8 countries about rural activities;
 To develop the abilities of the 48 youngsters from 8 countries, to communicate face to face with other people;
 To give the possibility to 48 youngsters from urban areas to reconnect with the rural life, and to learn more about the life of the villagers nowadays, being villagers for 8 days;
 To develop the civic sense of the 48 youngsters, being involved in farming and agriculture activities of the villagers;
 To develop the entrepreneurship and innovative skills of 48 youngsters, by developing business ideas for Milcoveni village.
During the 8 days, the youngsters will have the opportunity to live in a village and be villagers, helping the community and involving the youngsters in their activities. The participants will develop their communication skills, by discussing face to face with the youngsters in the village, with the villagers, with the other participants and with the the organizers. The participants will explore a rural life and will develop business ideas for the villagers, using their own experience and what they have learned during their stay in the village. Living in a world of technology, youngsters from 8 countries will be disconnected from the virtual world and live a simple life, promoting the healthy lifestyle and developing their social, civic and entrepreneurial skills by helping the villagers in their daily activity. Moreover, the youngsters will be able to explore their own cultural identity in a safe environment, they will be able to learn from other cultures and share their own culture in the same time. The group created will work together to develop activities and to ensure the follow-up for the project, in order to meet again.

Financial conditions:
– Food, accommodation and activities are 100% covered by the project
– Travel costs are covered by the project up to maximum of 170€.
– “Quota associativa YouNet”: €50. These membership fees should be paid only by confirmed participants and give them the status of YouNet’s member and access to all our benefits.

As a result of the participation in this project, will be issued a European certification (“Youthpass”) certifying the skills gained and valid for the European CV.

In order to take part in the selection process, please fill out the form below by 26/06:
The selected participants will be contacted after the deadline.

For more information, contact: